September 8, 2018

Obama supports Medicare for all

One of the truly disappointing things about Obamacare was that it didn't expand the age limits of Medicare. We proposed lowering the age of Medicare to 55, arguing that this would not only help older Americans but lower the insurance rates four younger ones.

Today, this proposal seems rather cautious, especially given the fact that Obama has now apparently come out for Medicare for all, As Slate noted, "Tthe ex-POTUS didn’t define what he believes Medicare for All to be; it’s still significant, though, that the person who cautiously chose not to propose a directly government-funded universal coverage plan in 2009 is now endorsing the idea of Medicare—a.k.a. government coverage—[for all.' And he followed it up with an approving allusion to Elizabeth Warren’s plan to give workers seats on corporate boards. Everyone’s a socialist these days"


Anonymous said...

Obama was for single payer as a candidate and is now again endorsing the concept. Funny how he couldn't bring himself to say a single mumbling word about when he was in office and it might have meant something. He is a fraud and conartist of the highest order nothing coming from his mouth should br regArded as anything but self serving, self promoting, public relations mendacious bullshit.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, I totally agree. Obama has a lot to answer for with his starting his whole heathcare "reform" project by taking single payer off the table. I never liked him because he seemed so smug and centrist, but once he quashed single payer from his "reform" package it became clear he doesn't really care about the health of the American people, but wanted to look like he does. Now he can play elder statesman and admit that single payer is the answer, but he didn't have the belly to do that even in his last 4 years in office when he didn't need to worry about re-election.