September 8, 2018

Trump tried to rig photos of his inauguration

Think Progress - Newly released documents obtained by the Guardian show that while most White House staff were still moving into their new offices, Donald Trump himself was demanding the National Park Service — which is responsible for, among other things, taking official photographs of events held on the National Mall — edit pictures taken during the inauguration to make the crowd appear less empty.

The documents obtained by the Guardian don’t include the photographs themselves, so it’s hard to know the extent to which any photographs were selectively edited, or indeed whether any manipulated photos were ever made public by the White House. But the reports clearly state that Donald Trump and Sean Spicer personally spoke with the acting director of the NPS Michael Reynolds and requested photographs that showed more people on the Mall.

The reports — published by the office of the Inspector General and released to the Guardian via Freedom of Information Act request — detail how NPS communications officials tried to satiate Donald Trump by instructing the photographer assigned to the event to go back and “edit a few more” photographs from the inauguration, in addition to the 25 he submitted on the day of the event.

The photographer submitted a second round of photos that were more carefully cropped to make it appear as though there were additional crowds out of frame.

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