April 13, 2021


 Blue - Getting better.  Red - Getting worse   Black - Unchanged

In the US, the peak weekly average of new cases per capita is better in every month since June  except for September and down 8% from the high in March.  The US has 23% of the world's cases. The percent of global deaths occurring in the US is 19.3%. The percent of US cases resulting in death is 1.8%. 

The global per capita new cases is worse in every month except November, December, and January. The global death  rate is 2.2%. The current global case rate is 193% higher than the June peak. 

The greatest number of US new cases in the past week per capita were in Michigan, New Jersey, Minnesota, New York and Delaware. The lowest per capita new cases in the past week were in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii and Kansas,

According to an analysis by Alan McQuillan, the top number of per capita total cases have been in the US, Sweden, France, Spain, and  United Kingdom. The top states in total per capita cases are North Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Idaho and New York. All of these states have a higher number of per capita cases than any country.