November 7, 2017

Just a reminder

The "war on terror" has cost the Defense Department $250 million a day for 16 years. Perhaps killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims is not the best strategy.


Anonymous said...

Wait - does this include those I-forget-how-many trillions the Pentagon announced on September 10 2001 it couldn't account for? And does it include the compounding-interest payments on the debt always and purposefully created by launching wars? Seriously, I wonder what the real numbers look like - is anybody figuring out the TRUE cost of all this psychopathic militarism - I mean the dollars cost, not to mention the lives extinguished.

War is a Racket, IN DEED.

In Amurdica Absurdica the people actively and passively cooperate with politicians who lie that there is not enough money for housing and feeding and educating and transporting every one of the people and for giving them great healthcare - etc etc etc - but hey there is always enough money to funnel trillions to scheming banksters and depraved militarists.

I am seriously on the wrong planet.

Anonymous said...

"...has cost the Defense Department..."

Really? I thought it was our money they're squandering. It's certainly our lives.

Anonymous said...

Sixteen years @ 250M / year is only... Mmmmm... Ok, I got it... 4 Billion. Right?

And Wall Street and the Big Banks won't admit to fleecing anybody out of anything.

So, how come our Long-Term National Debt is so high? Something like 17 TRILLION?

Somebody has to be pocketing all that money.

Anonymous said...

um, Anon1023, that's $250M per DAY, not per year: $1.141T toto.

(Somebody's still pocketing a helluva lot of money, though, you're for sure right about that)