November 7, 2017

Hillary Clinton remains the Democrats' problem

Washington Post - Confronted with the events of the past 12 months and even Trump's unprecedented unpopularity — 59 percent disapprove of his presidency — a new poll shows that 2016 voters look as though they'd still pick Trump, albeit about as narrowly as they did before.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll asked respondents how they'd vote in a redo of the 2016 election, and, if anything, Clinton seems to have lost more ground than Trump. Among those who voted, 46 percent say they picked Clinton last year and 43 percent picked Trump — a slightly more favorable sample than the 2016 election, in which Clinton won the popular vote by two percentage points. But in a head-to-head rematch, Clinton's support drops even more than Trump's does, and they wind up in a 40-40 tie. Given that Trump overperformed in key, blue-leaning swing states, that means he'd probably have won again.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but would the Electoral College vote for Trump again?

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Mayor Daley had sought the nomination in 1972 and insiders gave it to him. The difference in 2016 was that Sanders was prevented from winning the general election by the Dems, whereas McGovern had no chance in 1972. Clinton is the least effective Dem candidate since Humphrey in 1968, who ran as LBJ's co-conspirator. In 2016, Clinton was Obama and the Bushes' surrogate. This is a switch from losing under Stevenson who had the choice of being right or being president. Clinton lost because she wasn't right.