November 7, 2017

A new assignment for Donna Brazile?

Sam Smith - We've been looking for someone to lead a movement of blacks, latinos, labor and working class whites to focus on common economic and social issues.This has been the huge gap in the Democratic program for  four decades. It's a matter of blending identity goals with shared economic and social policies, a strategy in which everyone wins. It was the secret of the Great Society and it can work again.

What's been missing is a leadership with the skill and chutzpah to carry it out and it strikes us that Donna Brazile might be the one, witness this note from the Washington Examiner:
Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile said Tuesday that she exposed how Hillary Clinton's campaign took over the DNC because she reports to the voters, not Democrats."I don't report to the Democratic establishment," Brazile told CBS. "I report to the voters and what I wanted the voters to understand and the people that support the Democratic Party is that our party was under attack."
Now that's the sort of talk we haven't heard for a long time.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want Brazile to be the face of any movement that I cared about. She helped Clinton cheat during a debate. She's disliked by the right and the left. She's a bit nutty as well, e.g.:

"As a Christian woman, I understand persecution," Brazile told Kelly. "Your information is false."

Anonymous said...

What utter tosh. Donna Brazile has been standing in the way of a progressive breakout for decades. That's what she does.

Her outburst has all the sincerity of a Death Trooper stepping from the palace ranks and claiming "I never liked the Empire. Darth Vader cheated."

As Sam has been telling us, also for decades, it's folly to assume that someone who's wormed their way to the top of the rancid Democratic Party is going to suddenly become a champion of the people.

Anonymous said...

You guys beat me to it. I would simply have asked "where was she during the past 8 years?"

Geoffrey Levens said...

What they said! All of the above...