November 11, 2017

Eight cities to provide free legal aidto immigrants

Life Hacker - The Vera Institute of Justice has just awarded grant money to support an enterprise called the SAFE Cities Network. Cities in eight states have banded together to build a fund that will pay for legal representation for immigrants facing deportation. All cities in the network had to apply to the Vera Institute with a proposal to prove they are committed to spending public dollars on deportation defense, which will then be matched by the institute.

In conjunction with the announcement of the SAFE Cities Network, the Vera Institute released a new study that shows having access to a lawyer makes all the difference when it comes to keeping families together. The study highlights the “common misperception” that only illegal immigrants face deportation proceedings; in reality, many people are vulnerable to being thrust into the deeply complicated world of immigration law:
In fact, any non-citizen—including lawful permanent residents (green card holders), refugees, and people who entered legally on visas can be placed in deportation proceedings.
And to put some numbers to it, the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project reported that only 4% of cases had a “successful outcome” without an attorney. The NYUFUP has worked to get universal access to representation for immigration cases, and since implementing that measure, has seen a 48% successful outcome rate, which is an 1100% increase.

As of now, this is the list of cities in the SAFE network:
  • Atlanta GA
  • Austin TX
  • Baltimore MD
  • Chicago IL
  • Columbus OH
  • Dane County WI
  • Oakland/Alameda County CA
  • Prince George’s County MD
  • Sacramento CA
  • San Antonio TX
  • Santa Ana CA

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Bill Hicks said...

No free legal aid to American citizens, however, even if it means they could get railroaded and end up in prison for a long time for a crime they didn't commit. Glad these cities have their priorities straight.