April 25, 2017

State attorneys general strike at DeVos' student loan protection cutback

Consumerist - In response to the decision by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to roll back protections for student loan borrowers, a coalition of state attorneys general are accusing DeVos of failing America’s students.

The coalition sent a letter to Secy. DeVos, opposing her recent directive to the Federal Student Aid office to withdraw guidance that was designed to help students avoid default and curtail loan servicer misconduct.

The letter is the AGs’ way of expressing “profound concern” for the Department’s recent action “at a time when the need for common-sense federal student loan servicing reforms is undeniable.”

“The guidance revoked by the Department was expressly designed to protect borrowers and correct pervasive student loan servicing failures that harm student loan borrowers and their families,” the letter states. “By revoking these critical protections, the Department has abdicated its responsibility to student loan borrowers.”

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