October 6, 2016

Before Trump hit the trail there was Paul LePage

In this video Samantha Bee gives some unfair impressions of Maine but offers a fine collection of some of the worst things its governor Paul LePage has said. At the end she gives the stats in LePage's elections but fails to note that the guy who really elected LePage was a self important Washington lawyer from Maine, Eliot Cutler. LePage would not have won either election were it not for Cutler's independent candidacy. The Cutler disaster is one of the reasons we're supporting Clinton for president rather than Jill Stein. We don't need a national Paul LePage.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and in 2010 Cutler would have won had the useless Libby Mitchell stepped aside.

If the Democratic Party cannot motivate voters with a small handful of the everyday, pocketbook issues that you so regularly cite, Sam, they can take a running jump. After two decades of poisonous neoliberalism, that's the bottom line.

We turn to Senator Baldwin for closing remarks.

Walter F. Wouk said...

We don't need another Clinton in the White House.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter which of the two dodos wins, Sam. The same cabal of "advisors" will be controlling either Clinton or Trump as prez. Both houses of the duopoly contain the same trashy neoliberal political baggage.

So a vote for Jill will not upset any chance for better government. It'll just help build the Green Party for the future.

The wasted vote is for Clinton or Trump.