November 29, 2023

Trump may throw Putin under the bus

Newsweek -  Former President Donald Trump may look to blame Vladimir Putin for interference in the 2016 U.S. election if it can keep him out of prison, according to a legal filing reported by Politico. Trump still leads the pack in the Republican primaries but faces 91 felony counts across two state courts and two different federal districts, any of which could lead to a prison sentence. He also faces a civil suit in New York that could hurt his business empire... Despite Trump's insistence that Putin had nothing to do with his 2016 victory, which he had termed the "Russia hoax," Politico has flagged an excerpt of his attorneys' filing disputing Smith's claims that the ex-president had damaged Americans' faith in the electoral system—because Putin did it first.

"Trump wants people to know that it was Russia, not him, who caused Americans to distrust the election system," wrote Politico's Kyle Cheney on X (formerly Twitter) next to a screen grab of the legal filing. "He will make this case by relying on intelligence community assessments he and his allies have constantly maligned and disputed," he added.


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Greg Gerritt said...

The orange headed one continues to amaze with his willingness to change stories whenever it suits him and for no republicans to call him to account or even question the changing of the story