September 26, 2023

Public support of UAW strike grows

 Common Dreams -  A Data for Progress poll of 1,229 likely U.S. voters conducted on September 20-21 found that 62% of all voters support the UAW strikes, which expanded last week to every General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution facility in the country. Nearly half—48%—of Republican voters support the strikes, according to Data for Progress, along with 79% of Democratic voters and 59% of Independent and third-party voters.

"Compared to the week before, when we asked the same question just after the announcement of the strike, support for the UAW strikes has risen from 55% to 62%, while opposition has dropped from 35% to 29%," noted Lew Blank, a communications associate at Data for Progress. "Notably, we find a seven percentage point increase in support among Independents and a 10 percentage point increase in support among Republicans."


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