June 25, 2022

Some things to do in the wake of the Roe v Wade decision

 - If you're young, study the 1960s, the last time young Americans reformed their country. You are the biggest victims of the cancellation of Roe V Wade and climate change, just to mention a couple. No one's going to fix it all for you and 74% of you support abortion. Recreate the 1960s

- Move to a pro abortion state - Your state isn't interested in your opinion but a major migration would be of concern. 

Don't attend a sports game with one or two teams from anti-abortion states. And let people know you're doing it. 

- Don't apply to a college in an anti-abortion state

- Give particular attention to boycotting big anti-abortion states such as Texas, Michigan and Wisconsin".

- As Newsweek notes,  major U.S. companies including Amazon, JPMorgan, Walt Disney, Citigroup, Starbucks, Yelp and Tesla have all pledged assistance for those seeking abortions. Let them know your gratitude.


Anonymous said...

If you plan to move to another state because of abortion laws, please notify the governor and your soon to be former state and federal representatives, clearly stating how laws against abortion are forcing you to leave. Be sure to write an open letter to be published in state and local newspapers, to drive the point home. If you don't raise a stink, those in charge will try to pin the out migration as due to other causes.

Anonymous said...

- Work at the state and local level. Because of the nature of the US Senate and composition of the federal judiciary, progressive legislation at the national level will be impossible for decades. Also, hope your state isn't gerrymandered too badly.