June 25, 2022


May be an image of text that says 'Nina Turner @ninaturner Three of the justices O the Supreme Court were appointed by a President that tried to overthrow the government and a forth is married to a woman who actively planned the overthrow. And we're just supposed to act like that's ok?!'

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Ethelbert Miller:

So when will the Supreme Court vote to ban sex? I don't believe sex is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. -


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Greg Gerritt said...

It appears the Supreme Court has decided to kill everyone. The abortion decision means that with our lousy healthcare system and high maternal death rates more women will die in childbirth. The Supreme Court decision on guns means more children getting shot in schools, more Black churches getting shot up, more people getting killed by partners. Next week there will be a decision taking away the power to reduce carbon pollution, which means more fires, floods, crop failures, heat waves and dirty air. The Republican party claims to be pro life, but has mostly become a death cult. Death in our communities and death to the planet.