March 21, 2019

41% of New York City residents say they can't afford living there

Daily Mail, UK -More than a third of New York City residents say they can't afford to live anywhere in the state – and they expect the rising cost of living to force them to move elsewhere in five years or less, according to a new poll.

In separate poll responses, 41 percent of New Yorkers said the city is too expensive and that they fear they will have to leave, according to the survey of 1,216 registered voters by Quinnipiac University.

Overall, the perspective among New York City residents has worsened in the past year: just 31 percent said they expected to have to leave in May 2018.

'They are making this city a city for the wealthy, and they are really choking out the middle class,' 49-year-old Ari Buitron told The New York Post.


Zendayaforever1 said...

Iam completely over this place and Iam disgusted that landlords thinks it okay to pay $1500 for New York. That is why Iam on my way out once my kids finish school in July. Las Vegas here I come!!!!

Strelnikov said...

I can't wait for the Great Collapse of NYC and it goes back to the grimy proletarian burg it was in the 1970s.