September 23, 2018

Walmart says new tariffs could raise priced 10-25%

Newsweek -Walmart sent a letter to the Officer of United States Trade Representative, warning that the new tariffs, if imposed, could cause steep price hikes in its stores. “This round of tariffs could impact a significant number of common consumer items that are not easily replaceable,” said the letter from Walmart. The company said that the customers could suffer the worst of the tariffs.

The new tariffs will start at 10 percent and then increase to 25 percent in 2019 if they don’t change. For Walmart this means, “The current list of $200 billion in imports proposes an additional 10 to 25% duties on a range of consumer products, driving up costs for households who rely on these products to meet their daily needs,” Walmart’s letter said. The letter also included a list of the products that would be impacted the most by the tariffs like toddler seats and high chairs.

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