July 14, 2018

Trump's l;ies increasing

Toronto Star - U.S. President Donald Trump’s words are getting more dishonest over time, the Star has found in the first detailed statistical analysis of his inaccurate statements in office.

.... Since Trump’s inauguration speech on Jan. 20, 2017, we’ve fact-checked every word Trump has spoken or tweeted since his inauguration speech on Jan. 20, 2017. Up until July 1, 2018, the end date for the analysis, we had counted 1,929 false claims.

There’s a lot of dishonesty: Of all the words Trump said and tweeted as president as of July 1, 5.1 per cent were part of a false claim. Expressed differently: Trump uttered a false word every 19.4 words.

In weeks that started in 2017, 3.8 per cent of Trump’s words were part of a false claim. In 2018, it’s 7.3 per cent. Expressed differently: in 2017, Trump said about 26 words for every one false word. In 2018, it’s down to about 14 words per one false word

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really, really, Really like seeing statistics like this.

It shows, in numbers, just how 'wrong' this situation is.


I look at people in our society, constantly bent over their smart-phones; or like me sitting at their computer (not all-day, honest), or maybe watching TV News in the evening, and maybe we expect "Government" to be a Self-Correcting Organism.

When I was younger, us workers used to skoff as those we termed "Bean Counters". It may have come from being a little jealous of those able to sit in an air-conditioned office someplace, with little that was obvious to see for their work.

Like I said, I appreciate articles like this but at the same time I have a nagging thought in the back of my head that tells that if all the people who are bent over their smart-phone and computers would become involved in their local school boards, local politics, etc. maybe more visible stuff would get done.