July 14, 2018

Live TV watchers drop

Slashdot - According to a new study by Hub Entertainment Research, viewers are increasingly defaulting to on-demand sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu instead of live TV. The study found that only 39% of viewers tune into live programming from a traditional pay-TV provider, down from 47% last year. On-demand sources, collectively, were the first choice for 48% of viewers. Deadline reports:  
For viewers aged 18-34, the pattern is more stark -- only about a quarter (26%) of the demo lists live TV as a default, compared with 35% a year ago. ... Hub found that fully 50% of 18-34-year-olds subscribe to at least two of the "big three" SVOD services, Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. Even older generations accustomed to the "clicker" have turned away from live TV as a default. About 56% of viewers 55 and older listed live as their first choice, but that's down from 66% a year ago.

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Anonymous said...

A note about 'antenna TV.

I'm sure when the rules were being written about the requirement for TV to also be transmitted 'over the air'. I'm sure nobody meant for so many programs from the 60s - 80s to be aired, as a cheap substitute for modern programing.

Not that I'm complaining... well, maybe bitching a bit; but TV is something that I'm purposely trying to watch LESS, and really don't want to pay for cable for that very reason. Ergo, antenna TV.

Old series are a staple of antenna TV, but at least I can get up-to-date Public Television programs. And current News programming - I had laughed to myself that old News programming weren't being aired, but then even that happened with Through The Decades. I'm not complaining about that though, its quite entertaining.

I feel I should apologize for talking so much about something that I really avoid, with preference given to Wisconsin Public Radio and CBC Radio One. Both of which can be heard on computer probably from anywhere in the world - and very much worth it.