May 6, 2018

Women using contraception increasing significantly in Africa

Population Media Center -One in every five married women in Kenya uses implants as a method of contraception, according a global report on health.

The 2008-09 Kenya Demographics Health Survey showed that implant prevalence rate among married women was only 1.9 per cent. The number quadrupled to 7.4 per cent in 2014 and then more than doubled to 18.1 per cent in 2016. Presenting the paper, Dr Roy Jacobstein, senior medical advisor at Intrahealth International, explained factors that could have contributed to exponential growth in uptake of implants.

"Implants offer convenience with longer duration of action - up to five years - and do not need daily uptake of tablets," he said. Overall, in the 12 countries, gains in implant use have exceeded combined gains for other family planning methods like IUDs, pills and injectables.

Now, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Malawi have an implant prevalence rate above 11 per cent among married women. The only countries with a rate below 5.9 per cent are Nigeria (3.0 per cent) and Niger (1.7 per cent).

According to the FP2020 annual report as of July 2017, 41 national governments (Kenya included) have committed to increase funding and prioritization for family planning.

The review shows that 59.9 per cent of married women in Kenya are currently using a modern method of contraception (implants included). For unmarried sexually active women the portion decreases to 53.7 per cent.

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