March 6, 2018

Maine to introduce statewide ranked choice voting

Independent Voter Network -It’s been a rough and uncertain road for ranked choice voting in Maine. It was the first statewide ranked choice initiative in the nation to get approval from voters, was made law in 2017, survived repeal attempts in the regular legislative session, but then was delayed and set for repeal in 2021 during a special session.

But the people of Maine fought back against state politicians, and successfully gathered enough petition signatures to put the people’s veto of an “An Act to Implement Ranked-choice Voting in 2021” on the June 12 primary ballot. Because the petition campaign was successful, ranked choice voting will be used in the Republican and Democratic primaries for all state and federal elections.


Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't California supposed to be leading with this good stuff?

Good on ya Maine.

Tom Puckett said...

How about state ballot initiatives to start state taxpayer funded tuition for public colleges?

Kids still have to get themselves admitted, but having their tuition paid by the good folks in their states would really help.

No one is proposing taxpayer funded books, supplies, room & board and other college expenses (dorm room refrigerators, for example), but tuition? Yes!

Cheers, Tom