January 25, 2018

US has military bases in 172 countries


Tom Puckett said...

There are 195 countries in the world according to:


Of the 195 countries in the world:

54 countries are in Africa
48 in Asia
44 in Europe
33 in Latin America and the Caribbean
14 in Oceania
2 in Northern America

Taiwan, The Cook Islands and Niue are not included in the list...

On Empire, from The Sea Hawk, 1940

King Philip II: [anticipating the success of the Armada] With England conquered, nothing can stand in our way. Northern Africa... Europe as far east as the Urals... then the New World: to the north, to the south, west to the Pacific... over the Pacific to China and to the Indies will our empire spread. One day, before my death, we shall sit here and gaze at this map upon the wall. It will have ceased to be a map of the world. It will be Spain.

Queen Elizabeth: And you conceive it to be part of your... mission to assault and loot the ship of an ambassador to the court? Captain Thorpe, do you imagine that we are at war with Spain?

Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: Your Grace, Spain is at war with the world.

[the other Sea Hawk captains and the people in the court murmur approval]

Queen Elizabeth: Enough of this! Listen to me, every one of you! Never again will you dare - in my presence - to condone your crimes under the mask of patriotism. No more of such talk, do you hear? And for the future let me warn you... that any unwarranted attack upon the person or property of Spanish subjects will cost the guilty party his head! His head, is that clear?

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