January 25, 2018

Bookshelf - The Great Uprising: Race Riots in Urban America during the 1960s

By analyzing three of the hundreds of ‘riots' that erupted between 1963 and 1972, Peter Levy makes a cogent case for reframing this period as ‘The Great American Uprising'. Levy upends popular and scholarly assumptions about the chronology, geography, and protest politics of these conflicts to explain how they justified repressive rather than democratic solutions. The resulting book is a must read for anyone seeking to understand and resist our evolving urban crisis. - Erik Gellman, Roosevelt University, Chicago

Peter Levy's The Great Uprising is not only compelling and impressive but also an exceptionally well-researched historical account of the hundreds of black rebellions in the 1960s. He demonstrates a mastery of the recent scholarship in Black Freedom Studies, and presents that scholarship in an instructive fashion that increases the educational value of this book for the classroom. -- Komozi Woodard, Sarah Lawrence College, New York

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