January 31, 2018

FBI slaps GOP political memo parading as intelligence

NPR-The FBI says it has "grave concerns" about the "accuracy" of the much-discussed Republican memo that alleges it and the Justice Department abused their surveillance authorities.

The bureau issued a rare two-paragraph statement undercutting the position taken by President Trump and his top aides that the memo, which the House Intelligence Committee has authorized for release, should be made public soon.

"With regard to the House Intelligence Committee's memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it," the FBI said. "As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy."

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Anonymous said...

The attack on Trump's relationship to Putin assumes that selected voters relevant to the electoral college result were swayed by micro-targeting to reject Clinton based on new information. But even a groundswell of Sanders Democrats unaided by Putin rejected the too well known evil for the unknown lesser evil as did voters in the general election. The anti-Russian gambit by the Clinton Dems joined by Sanders as a loyalty oath, exploits a sense of patriotism for those in Congress who have sworn loyalty to AIPAC. The GOP knows Trump is loyal to AIPAC and he has fired missiles at Syria, recognized Jerusalem etc., but the Dems question his loyalty if he threatens correlated ambitions to occupy and carve up Russia and it's allies. Loyalty to the wrong foreign country was warned about by George Washington when he advised against any foreign entanglements, the cardinal rule violated by Wilson. And now entanglement is the first rule of the empire which brings foreign colonial subjects to the US not as immigrants but as credentialed imperial subjects. Trump merely asserts that anticommunist Russians make closer allies than Middle Eastern subjects and indigenous North Americans both lacking a sense of Euro- drawn boundaries hard won since the Polk administration. This Jacksonian approach has not yet inspired a genuinely Whig opposition but Mueller stands for the possibility of checks and balances. The Dems would champion the colonial subjects as immigrants and view any non-subjects such as Eurasians as enemies. By increasing military spending and pressuring North Korea, Trump asserts his loyalty to the MIC even if there is a thaw with capitalist Russia. The Dems are apparently united anti-Russians as they were in 1968 after Chicago, where the peace faction has no expression but in the Nixonian GOP.