September 22, 2017

Study: Bias against hiring blacks hasn't declined

New America Media  - Rates of discrimination against African Americans in field experiments of hiring did not decline from 1990 to 2015, according to the largest and most comprehensive meta-analysis of its kind.

“It is often suggested that prejudice and discrimination are fading out over time through a gradual process of liberalization of attitudes,” says Lincoln Quillian, senior author of the study and professor of sociology at Northwestern University. “But we found striking stability in discrimination against African- Americans.”

The researchers found some evidence that discrimination declined during this period for Latinos, although the small number of field experiments including Latinos means the trend results are not highly certain.

“During this time, the country saw some favorable racial trends, like declining black-white test score gaps, slow declines in racial residential segregation, and the election of the country’s first black president,” says Quillian, a faculty fellow with the university’s Institute for Policy Research. “But whites received on average 36 percent more callbacks to interview than African-Americans with equal job qualifications, and we found no evidence that this level of discrimination had changed.”


Anonymous said...

As far as interview callbacks are concerned, I'd bet folding money that young White males get the most callbacks, and everyone else -- women, aboriginal people, Black people, Latinx people, non-Europoid Whites, and (especially) older people -- get many, many fewer, the difference being large and robust enough to quiet even the apologists for predatory Capitalism.

Anonymous said...

That's too broad a comment. White males get the most call backs for all jobs all the time? Is it in direct proportion to their percentage of applicants? Who's doing the counting? There is more to it than mere "oppression".

What if you found out that there wasn't some big conspiracy to give white guys a hand up? Now, I know that there is one. And that it is a totally unassailable fact. But just for a moment, try to imagine what the world might look like if things were more complicated than your low resolution view of it?