November 24, 2016

Sessions' appointment would be good news for the pending Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger.

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Anonymous said...

Attorneys General Holder and Lynch haven't been exactly antagonistic to mega-mergers, either---or haven't you been paying attention? How many times have we posted on this very blog about the latest obscene violation of antitrust law? Why weren't you condemning this sort of thing while it was going on under the watch of a Democratic administration?
More, why do you continue to endorse candidates dedicated perpetuating more of the same? When do you begin to realize that the only way to stop this bull shit is to stop supporting the corrupt pols that sling it?
Remember, it took only six years for the Republican Party to go from a position of obscurity to owning the White House. The time is right for another party to prove that what transpired in the 1850's can happen again in the 2010's.