November 22, 2016

Harold Ford; From Crump to Trump

Sam Smith - EH Crump was only mayor of Memphis twice but he controlled the politics of his state for decades. Crump, like Earl Long of Louisiana, was rare among white southern politicians in that he actively organized and sought the support of black voters. One of Crump’s lieutenants, for example, was a black funeral director named Harold Ford, whose grandson of the same name Donald Trump is now considering for a post. The blues godfather, WC Handy, even wrote a song, the “EH Crump Blues”, that would be sung on street corners to garner crowds for rallies.

Notes Wikipedia – “Unlike most Southern Democrats of his era, Crump was not opposed to blacks voting; Memphis blacks were reliable Crump machine voters for the most part. The party often paid the poll taxes required by state law.”

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