August 8, 2016

Pot smokers nearly double in two years

Reason - The share of American adults who admit to being pot smokers has nearly doubled in the last few years, from 7 percent in 2013 to 13 percent this year, according to Gallup poll numbers. The ongoing collapse of marijuana prohibition, which began with ballot initiatives approved in November 2012, probably has something to do with that, although it's not clear how much of the increase is due to rising cannabis consumption and how much to greater candor.

Gallup notes that "states' willingness to legalize marijuana could be a reason for the uptick in the percentage of Americans who say they smoke marijuana, regardless of whether it is legal in their particular state." As legal and social tolerance of marijuana increases, people may be more likely to use it, but they also may be more likely to admit using it. Notably, the share of Gallup respondents who say they have ever tried marijuana rose less dramatically (from 38 percent in 2013 to 43 percent in 2016) than the share who say they "smoke marijuana" currently, a touchier question


Anonymous said...

Pot smokers nearly double in two years?
Wow, man, somebody's got to tell them to cut back on the munchies. For sure, that's like what happens when you lat a bunch of amateurs got hold of kind. Dudes, cool out, try balling instead--it'll sure improve that waisteline.

Anonymous said...

Living in Oregon, it really has been an adjustment with legal cannabis. For many years I imbibed cannabis, grew my personal stash, and used medicinally, but I wouldn't admit it because of stigma and possible legal problems if the wrong people found out. I never bothered with the Medical Cannabis program, because it was expensive, and given my friends who did the program experiences, it seemed more trouble then it was worth, until about 2 years before legalization. Besides I had already been growing my own since 1991.

This year I went down to a dispensary to buy 4 plants for growing Outdoors in my back yard! I pick up concentrates when I want, and I know what I'm getting when I make a purchase in a dispensary. The tax is criminally high at 25%, but it beats the hell out of worrying about the ugly knock, jail, and asset forfeiture.

Still I have to remind myself that I can talk openly about it, because of all those stressful years of needing to be covert and hidden, when I'm just trying to deal with chronic pain.