August 7, 2016

Communities of color are massively over-policed

NY Daily News - People are shocked to find out that whites are actually more likely to both sell and do drugs than African-Americans because African-Americans are arrested and prosecuted at much higher rates. In some counties, African-Americans are arrested 1,000% more than whites for marijuana possession even though study after study shows they use and possess the drugs at very comparable rates.


wellbasically said...

Because Af-Ams are DEMANDING more policing, demanding more traffic control and traffic stops! Demanding that you do something about the pot party down the hall in the project!

You come after the cops, the cops are the people who see the effects of crime. More than any NPR whitey.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the bigots slimes its way back onto the blogs again.
'wellbadically said', you are a truly obnoxious individual.
No one is impressed by your displays of willful ignorance.