February 24, 2016

Infrequently asked questions (about Donald Trump)

Sam Smith - Since the chance that Donald Trump might be our next president seems to be increasing day by day, I have been trying to think more like him when dealing with major issues.

For example, one of his contributions to America has been the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, named after a site designated by UNESCO in 1983 as being "the jewel of Muslim art in India."

Using Trumpian logic I must therefore ask the question: Why is Trump celebrating Muslim art with a casino? Could it be that he is really a Muslim?


Klaatu Fell said...

god...or should I say, allah? I hope so. What could be better than The Donald turning out to be a Muslim? Can we start a GoFundMe to convince him to just say that he is a Muslim? I would chip in.

Strelnikov said...

He's made out of pork, so there is no way he is Muslim or kosher.

Anonymous said...

The federal government casino with the Lincoln and Washington monuments is his next real estate deal. Here the theme is James K. Polk lite. What brings us together as a nation is evicting the indigenous and enslaving the alien. Mexicans are native american continentals constrained by a phony Euro boundary. Like the Pushtun in Afghanistan. A promised border kristallnacht excites the race war lust that is fundamental to winning elections and getting airtime. TV was born showing cowboys shooting Indians. Then Reagan warded off the invading central americans. TV thrives today in anticipation of a final solution to avenge the eroding white majority on the Frontier. If JFK was the New Frontier, Trump is a return to the Old Frontier.