November 18, 2015

Morning Line: Scary polls from Colorado & Florida

Colorado, which gave its nine electoral votes to Obama last time round, shows a stunningly right wing trend in the latest Quinnipac poll. Trump beats Clinton by 11, Cruz beats her by 13, Carson by 14 and Rubio by 16. Sanders is a tossup with Trump but loses to the other front runners. The media isn't talking about this, but if voters are being this easily deluded, the Democrats are in serious trouble.

In Florida, Clinton trails Trump and Carson by 9 points and Rubio by 7 in another poll in a state the Dems took in 2012 with 29 electoral votes


Anonymous said...

"deluded" no, the house of clinton cards is finally starting to shuffle.

Corrupt and incompetent is a really bad mix. And we have many examples in plain sight.

Not to mention enabling a serial rapist (See Stone, Roger book). Some champion for women - or the middle class.

David Richardson said...

In part this is why national polls matter at this stage of the race, and state polls not so much. If the polls are relevant, they show the basic weakness of the Democrats this year, not the stupidity of the electorate.

Traditionally the D's have succeeded with economic populism. However, Obama bailed out the banks but not the homeowners, and has let real wages slide significantly. Thus, if the D's are not willing to help on pocketbook issues, people might as well vote their prejudices.

Bernie still hasn't achieved the name recognition he needs, and Hillary, with her ties to Wall St. and her untrustworthyness, is the worst possible candidate in this environment.

AgustinG said...

This tells us nothing. Who paid for the poll, who wrote the questions used in the poll, and how were poll respondents chosen? When that information isn't given, I smell a dead, rotting rat carcass.

Yanita Golightly said...

Please provide a link to the originally reported survey so that the full details are available. Your account of the Florida survey does not even mention Bernie Sanders, so it seems you are purposely choosing to limit the information in what appears to be a biased way. I have appreciated the information your blog provides for some time now, but this is less than stellar posting.