November 18, 2015

America overspends on healthcare but it doesn't pay off

Economist -America remains the world’s most profligate spender on health care, according to a report published on November 4th by the OECD, a club of 34 mostly rich countries. In 2013 America spent, on average, $8,713 per person - two and a half times as much as the OECD average. Yet the average American dies 1.7 years earlier than the average OECD citizen. This longevity gap has grown by a year since 2003. Americans have the same life expectancy as Chileans, even though Chile spends less than a fifth of what America spends on health care per person.

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greg gerritt said...

The reason Americans spend so much is that the policy makers wnat the healthcare industrial complex to be a driver of the economy. You can not have an economy built around the growth of the healthcare industry and afffordable healthcare.