May 28, 2024


 Science 2. 0 - The world is aging. After centuries of relentless growth, many advanced economies are getting older, and even in poorer nations, the share of elderly people is rising. Larger and older populations are creating historic pressures on health care systems across the world. There are not enough doctors, nurses, and other health care workers, even as the number of patients increases. Health care workers are under constant pressure, with many suffering from burnout and others planning to leave the industry. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, in 2022, exhausted from the pressures they were under, 52% of nurses and 20% of doctors said they wanted to leave the industry. Data from the Health Resources&Services Administration shows that, where health workforce shortages have been identified, the United States needs more than 13,023 primary care practitioners, 9,926 dental health practitioners, and 6,140 mental health practitioners. The impact of this is a steep reduction in the quality of healthcare. Researchers believe that generative artificial intelligence  could be used to improve the quality of care by making it possible to do more health care work with the health workforce that we have. MORE

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