May 29, 2024


The Hill - A federal judge in New Hampshire struck down a New Hampshire law that limited public schools’ teaching of race and gender topics, ruling the law is unconstitutional Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Paul J. Barbadoro’s decision is the first in the nation to overturn such a measure for kindergarten through 12th grade public schools, the American Civil Liberties Union  of New Hampshire said Tuesday. The state law sought to curb New Hampshire public schools from discussing “divisive concepts” related to race or sex, banning K-12 students from being “taught, instructed, inculcated or compelled to express belief in, or support for” the idea they are “inherently superior” to others based on their race, religion, gender identity or other characteristic.The law was passed in June 2021 in response to President Biden’s revoking of former President Trump’s executive order that sought to halt federal funding training based on “anti-American race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating.”

Latino Rebels -  News tailored for U.S. Latinos and Black Americans experienced audience declines in certain traditional formats, according to the Hispanic and Black News Media Fact Sheet, published last month by the Pew Research Center.  Spanish-language networks Telemundo and Univision suffered audience losses in the past few years. Newspaper distribution rates were also negatively impacted. While there is not enough data about Black audiences who watch TV news, the Pew study reported decreased newspaper circulation...Univision and Telemundo are the largest Spanish-language media outlets that dominate news for U.S. Latinos. But for the demographic, television is no longer the preferred source for news. In addition, consuming news in Spanish continues to show a decline, a trend that has been ongoing for years.In 2022, both Univision and Telemundo had a 16% decrease in viewership for the most watched time slot, the nightly news. The other two news slots are morning and late night. Univision’s evening news audience declined from 804,000 to 714,000, and Telemundo’s evening news viewership declined from 479,000 and 435,000.

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