May 23, 2024

A few things to remember about Donald Trump

 Thom Hartmann 

— Began his life of crime busted for writing “C” for “Colored” on Black rental applicants’ forms,
Mismanaged the Covid crisis so badly America had the developed world’s highest mortality rate with at least a half-million unnecessary deaths,
— Is credibly accused of sexual assault by more than twenty women (one 14 years old) and found by a jury — twice— to have raped one of them,
Forcibly tore nursing babies from the arms of their mothers with almost a thousand of those children still missing,
Solicited a billion-dollar bribe just this month and illegally took over $7 million (that we know of: the real number is almost certainly a multiple of that) from foreign governments while in office ...
Praised Nazis who marched chanting “Jews will not replace us!” as “very fine people,”
— Conspired with militia leaders to storm the US Capitol, leading to the death of 5 civilians and 3 police officers,
— Regularly quotes Hitler’s vicious, racist rhetoric referring to human beings as “scum” and “vermin” while claiming people of color “poison the blood of our nation,”
— Stole national security secrets and repeatedly lied to the FBI when we tried to recover them,
Abandoned our Kurdish allies to Putin, leading to their mass slaughter by Russian troops and warplanes,
— Gave to Russia at least one spy we know of in an Oval Office meeting with that country’s foreign minister and US ambassador,
Did his best to destroy NATO and hand Ukraine to Putin,
— Negotiated a deal to build an office/apartment building in Moscow that was to be executed a week after he took office and lied to the American people about it,
— Knowingly lied to the nation for almost four full years about having lost the last election,
— Called our fallen soldiers buried at Normandy and Arlington “suckers” and “losers” and ridiculed John McCain and every other American POW,
Gutted the EPA and sold off public lands to drilling and mining interests who were greasing his party’s palms,
— Proudly packed the Supreme Court with people he hand-selected to end women’s right to abortion,
Repeatedly violated the Hatch Act, using federal property for campaign and political activities,
— Is currently violating the Logan Act by interfering in President Biden’s foreign policy efforts,
Praised the world’s worst dictators while trash-talking our democratic allies,
— Holds rallies in which he curses, using words that can’t be broadcast on TV or radio,
Threatened the Georgia secretary of state with jail if he wouldn’t help overturn the 2020 election,
— Facilitated his son-in-law extracting two billion dollars from a murderous dictator,
Gave billionaires a two-trillion-dollar tax cut that’s being paid for by raising taxes on working class people for the next few years,
— Promises he’ll be a dictator from his first day in office and will bring about a “Unified Reich,”
Said he’ll imprison or destroy the media and those who criticize him, using language last attributed to Hitler,
— Slept with a porn star and a Playboy bunny in the months after his less-than-two-years-married trophy wife gave birth to his son and then paid them both to hush it up so he could get elected,
Convinced China to give his daughter millions worth of trademarks while accusing his opponent’s son of corruption for taking a routine payment for being on the board of a foreign natural gas company,
— Used explicit Nazi iconography to label his political opponents,
Tried to extort a foreign leader to manufacture dirt on his political opponent while withholding military aid to that nation as it was under attack by Russia,
— Collaborated with Putin to get elected and, when the FBI tried to investigate it, engaged in at least 10 documented felony obstructions of justice,
Trash talks America’s criminal justice system, insisting he’s the victim of “racist” Black and Hispanic prosecutors and judges,
— Committed multiple campaign finance crimes,
Convinced about half of Americans the country’s in a recession when in fact we’re in better economic shape than any time since World War II,
— Engaged in and was convicted for both tax and insurance fraud,
Got multiple deferments to avoid the Vietnam War because he bought a X-ray of somebody else’s bone spurs from a corrupt doctor,
— Stole from a children’s cancer charity,
Repeatedly joked about the assault and murder attempt of Paul Pelosi, implicitly encouraging his followers to commit more violence against Democrats,
— Was found liable for running a fraudulent university, and, among other things,
— Stole millions from his siblings and relatives and then pissed it all away by being an incompetent playboy businessman, having to declare bankruptcy six times.


Greg Gerritt said...

Lock him up

Walter Wouk said...

Mega-Dittos, Greg.