April 23, 2024


MedicalXpress - Researchers at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China recently carried out a study investigating the potential link between long-term exposure to green spaces in proximity of one's home and two of the most common mental health disorders: depression and . Their findings, published in Nature Mental Health, suggest that living close to parks and green areas can reduce the risk of becoming depressed and experiencing anxiety. "Our research interest is environmental epidemiology, which mainly focuses on the impacts of environmental exposure, such as greenery and air pollutants, on human health," Yaohua Tian, co-author of the paper, told Medical Xpress. "There seems to be a consensus regarding green space on the fact that greenness can reduce stress and improve mood. However, this was just an idea rooted in our minds, and we were not clear about whether there is scientific evidence to support it."

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