January 27, 2023

Meanwhile. . .

 The murder rates in Trump-voting states from 2020 have exceeded those in Biden-voting states every year since 2000

Tucker Carlson  called for the U.S. to invade Canada and remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy  named Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to a committee created by House Republicans to probe the origins of the COVID-19 virus. Greene has repeatedly rejected universally accepted scientific theories and spread lies about the pandemic.


Walter Wouk said...

There is nothing more terrifying than ignorance in action — Goethe

Anonymous said...

While MTG has at best a loose grip on reality, the Covid 19 vaccines had the data from the Pfizer trial 3 re-analyzed, and that data shows a 1 in 800 adverse event rate for these vaccines. The data is worrying enough that the UK is ending covid vaccines for most people.

I look forward to any hearings that can get to the bottom of all the covid 19 insanity.