November 24, 2022

Bangor Maine Police Department Thanksgiving Day notice

 An incredible amount of Thanksgiving memes are being targeted into my social media feed.

I'm not considered a fact-checker, but there is no way that cornbread stuffing is the filling of choice in Maine turkeys.
I'm not saying that many people don't utilize cornbread stuffing, but I've attended 59 Thanksgiving celebrations, and I've never seen cornbread stuffing in a Maine baked, bagged, boiled, smoked, or fried turkey.
Additionally, who cares.
Finally, Happy Thanksgiving from the cops at BPD.
Don't call us if you are forced to sit at the kid's table. Our advice is speak to the head of the household, find out why this happened, state your case for being able to be with the adults, but accept their final decision. You've watched enough Judge Judy to know that arguing merely makes her eyebrows move—slightly. Find your seat, eat your stuffing.
Frankly, you can learn a lot at a kid's table. And there's a good chance they won't want to talk about politics. Embrace it.
Be well.
The ladies and gents of BPD

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