September 27, 2022

‘Let’s get right to the violence’: New documentary film footage shows Roger Stone pre-Election Day


Anonymous said...

Reading and listening to this made me think of a Northern Exposure episode called “Cicely” aired 18 May 1992, that showed the beginnings of Cicely Alaska in 1909. A truly memorable episode. One scene involved a lady named Cicely talking to a ‘rough-neck’ bully named Mace Mobrey, and she suggested that his upbringing must have damaged him to cause him to lash-out in anger to solve problems. She told him that people don’t have to act in such a manner, and that we have the ability to change.

Isn’t Fiction just Great? I love the Arts, it gives us the ability to write, to imagine, to create things that make us believe this world might just be better than what it is.

How difficult must Roger Stone’s childhood have been, to feel the need to be the way he is.

Anonymous said...

OK, I may have been in error by comparing Roger Stone with Mace Mobrey the fictional character in that Northern Exposure episode “Cicely”. Sure, art can imitate life, and life can imitate art, but unfortunately on that TV episode immediately following Cicely’s emotional speech to Mace, she was shot and killed by a henchman of Mace that was lurking nearby. And we certainly don’t want life-imitating-art like that.

So, Cicely’s killer ran away, presumably getting away scot-free. But (and this is good) Mace Mobrey and other cohorts were so emotionally moved by what had transpired that they settled-down and became good law-abiding citizens. Getting back to ‘reality’ (and this is bad) Stone’s behavior following the 6 Jan palaver in Washington DC may not be imitating Mace, with nary a mea culpa (meaning "Oops, my bad").