May 29, 2022

Changes in US diversity

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Fifteen percent of Americans, or 45.5 million people, live in counties where diversity increased by 10%. These counties are in 44 states and vary in size. This includes three counties home to more than 1 million people: King County in Washington, Middlesex County in Massachusetts, and Collin County in Texas. The biggest change in diversity came in Williams County, North Dakota. Its population grew from 23,000 in 2010 to 41,000 in 2020, while the share of its non-Hispanic white population dropped from 91% to 76%.

Five percent or 17 million Americans live in counties that are less diverse than they were in 2010. These counties include five with populations exceeding 1 million — Florida’s Miami-Dade County; San Bernardino, Santa Clara, and Fresno in California; and Bronx County in New York. Hispanic Americans were already the largest demographic group in those counties except for Santa Clara, and contributed most to those four counties’ growth. In Santa Clara, most of its population growth was attributed to Asian Americans, the county’s largest demographic group.

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Proncias MacAnEan said...

The Santa Clara analysis here is unclear.

The second paragraph shows how looking at the movement in diversity can provide pretty pointless results. I don't think anyone walking around Miami, NYC or San Jose is going to complain about a lack of diversity. An absolute number mixed in with the change would be more helpful.

The question I have is what the hell is going on in Williams Co, ND that it gets an increase in population of 78% over a decade?