February 10, 2022

Black links


Black Families Fall Further Behind on Homeownership

Multi ethnic citizens doubled in 34 states over past decade

The ethnic thing that gets ignored

Over 6 million Americans define themselves as Afro Latino

Black homeownership continues to lag in 50 largest U.S. cities

Black Americans have a median household wealth of $12,780, compared to $139,300 for non-Hispanic white households. Here's a state by state analysis by WalletHub



DC's different ethnic story

We’re being torn apart by something that is cultural, not biological

America can change for the better

The Growing Diversity of Black America

What living in a white minority is really like and other thoughts on ethnic diversity

Recovered history: the slow battle against ethnic discrimination

Barack Obama: The first what?

The two best kept secrets about school integration

The underrated secret for minorities: lead the majority

How to get along with other Americans

Backing off of hate

The politics of ethnicity, gender and zipcode

Marion Barry 

The other side of Memphis

Making cities black & poor

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