December 2, 2021

Dealing with the bad states

 Sam Smith - The bunch of bad state voting laws combined with a pending disaster on abortion thanks to the Supreme Court raises a matter that has not gotten enough attention: how do we deal with these anti-democratic states? One answer is to boycott travel to them and their major businesses.  For example, among the top ten businesses in Texas are ATT, American Airlines, Dell and Pizza Hut. 

To make this effective we would need some national level organizing but a first step is to begin talking about it.  


amaranth farm said...

"how do we deal with these anti-democratic states?"

Divest. Let Texas be Texas. The Federal Beast is too large to represent the disparate beliefs that are not going away, not for any amount of adjudication, nor legislation. Great experiment, time for something new.

Those new Nation States should take a page from Europe. The Bi-Cameral two Party structure has killed us. Time for a single assembly which allows for many parties that then have to work to form a majority. The winner takes all approach we currently use leads to division. Learn from our mistake and fashion something that has more capacity to be human.

Greg Gerritt said...

Maybe we just kick them out of the union.

Anonymous said...

Regarding any changes to the legality of abortion in the U.S. - only 15 states and DC have laws that guarantee access to abortion services. Good luck with boycotting the remaining 35.