May 4, 2021

Just a thought: the GOP's proto-Nazi moves

 Sam Smith - I covered my first Washington story over 60 years ago and, since pre-civil rights southern segregation, I have seen nothing so offensive to the principles and practices of democracy as the current GOP efforts. Based in no small part on lying and the covert segregation of the voting system, the Republican effort may not have reached full fascism yet, but it is important to remember that Nazism grew over time, and in the early stages even some of its advocates thought the behavior of the US South was excessive.  

This is the nature of change. Where it starts may only suggest where it will end, but when you have a president who, according to the Washington Post, lied or misled 7600 times a year during his presidency, when you have a major party deliberately deceiving its members about election results and when you have the whole election system under attack, you can be sure it is not going in a good direction. It is fair, in fact, to consider it proto-Nazism because if Trump and his part are successful America will not longer be a democracy. 

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