May 7, 2021

46% think they’re a better person than everyone they know


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. As I have hypothesized in the past, being ‘good’ and being ‘better-than’, is an easy Trap.

Not mentioned in this article are social crutches that enable people. People with the ‘best’ of intentions might look around and think that they want to be a good or better person, and think that some church may be filled with other such people with similar thoughts and goals. What possibly happens is that once a person is ensconced in such an environment, they may look at people from other churches as being not quite as ‘good’ as they and their community (Wars have been started). Or, that people without a church, people from a third-world country perhaps, a person of color perhaps; and by extension possibly another fellow American that are merely from another country or are a minority.

Political aspirations may fill the same need. And suffer the same consequences.

Money and possessions may also accomplish the same.

This is not a condemnation of all that is ‘good’. My parents were very ‘religious’, but not rich. As my father explained to me “People are People, it don’t matter where they come from.” Oh, OK, I know even that could be interpreted a couple ways, one maybe derogatory; but my father seemed to live his life indicating that ‘There are good and bad people all over’ and lived what could be considered a model existence.

Personally, I don’t feel weighed down with religious dogma. A good analogy for a ‘good’ or ‘better-than’ attitude might be in my recreation habit of running ( recent years – jogging ). In school, I was a better runner than some, but not as good as others. As a youth, I may have set my sights on ‘besting’ someone else. But it quickly evolved to be a personal quest for me to do my ‘best’. My goal was a personal one, and maybe set the stage for how I viewed life in general. Of course, over the years my ability has lessened, but I still kept an eye on my day-to-day times, and tried to keep-up.

A recent stroke, and an increased blood pressure med level has really diminished my ability to jog. But the attitude remains. Like many, I do my best, I don’t look down on someone else with less ability, and help neighbors when I can.

Sort of like my father.


Anonymous said...

In a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. residents researchers asked respondents how they would compare themselves to others in their lives, 46 percent admitting (in their eyes) they’re “better” than everyone else they know.

In the 2020 Election, Trump / Pence got 74,216,154 votes, or 46.9%

Just sayin'