April 2, 2020


The change in number of cases in past week
  • Globally up 106%
  • USA up 221%... Most cases of any country.
  • Spain up  132%
  • Germany up 114%
  • Iran up 87%
  • Italy up 51%
  • Korea up 8%
  • China up 1%
[The Chinese figures are questioned by a number of sources]

 Death rate change during same period:
  • Global 5.1%
  • USA 2.4%
  • Worst: Italy is worst at 11.9% 
  • Spain is second at 9.0%
  • Iran's death rate is 6.2% - down a bit  
  • Germany is  1,3%
Alan McQuillan has analyzed the totals by per capita death rate. First Italy, followed by Spain, Switzerland, Iran, UK, Sweden, Ireland and USA.

  • Death rates in Washington and Louisiana remain over 4%
  • New York has the most deaths, 38% of all American deaths.


bernard cleyet said...

What about Taiwan? (ROC)

Rumor has it they've done the best of all countries.

bc. read PRC bullied WHO.

bernard cleyet said...

Death rates are meaningless as reported. They reflect data collection, not "actual" rate. This is because many infected people are not counted.

Here's a discussion about this.

"Perhaps the most interesting point I'd like to make is
that the data on "confirmed" cases is limited by the
availability of testing or the lack thereof. You can
analyze it all you want and it will just tell you about
the testing, not about the actual disease."


bc. thinks rate is more correctly about 2%.