February 12, 2020

Nearly two thirds say they're better off than three years ago


  • 61% say they are better off than three years ago
  • No more than 50% have said this in past election cycles
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    amaranth farm said...

    Perception and reality are oft a mirror image. According to this tome:


    only 15% of the money invested in the stock market actually goes into creating jobs or increasing productivity through automation or newer machinery etc. The rest is part peeled out to board members, bonuses for executives and small dividends to direct stock holders. The remainder, a percentage hard to pin down, is being used by corporations to speculate on other markets, or to shell game and loan out at insane interest rates.

    While middle Murka might look at their paper investments and think they are better off, they are not as they go deeper in debt putting on the card what they think they are worth. It is all an electron shell game. The market crash of '29 was precipitated by those with large numbers of shares realizing that the jig was up and their was no real wage earning capacity to pay off consumer debt. They cashed in, and the sell off was set in motion. How long before the crash of this set of 20's?