June 23, 2019

Word: Concentration camps


Anonymous said...

Hmmm they wouldn't be in these "camps" unless they came into our country without documentation right?

Do we let people drive cars without documentation?

Do we let people withdraw money from banks without documentation?

Do we let people fly on airplanes without documentation?

Do we let people buy guns without documentation?

So just what would you suggest we do with people wanting to come into our country without documentation?

Just let them come in?

They could just turn around and go home, right?

NO ONE forced them to come and no one forced them to stay in a "camp".

Instead they are waiting to try to get in - just like those who do it legally!

Stop lying!

Anonymous said...


How about you open your eyes and see what is really happening.

You really seem to have an uninformed view of what is going on in the camps.

The US has an asylum system that is set up to help refugees, and it is absolutely legal to ask for asylum at the border or even inside the US. Documentation is not required.

Currently the vast majority of people who are trying to enter the US, are the victims of brutal US policies abroad.

Most of these immigrants come to the US and request asylum which is completely legal.

This asylum policy worked adequately until after January of 2017.

45's great solution for undocumented immigrants whose numbers had been declining over the past few years, was to steal children from their parents, put the children in internment camps, and keep them in inhumane conditions. No soap, no toothpaste, no showers, no diapers for the babies and toddlers, no beds, just concrete floor and mylar blankets and not enough food, with older children being handed babies to care for, because these camps are not staffed for taking care of babies stolen from their families.

It costs $775 dollars a day to keep a child in one of these human rights abusing internment camps.

7 children have died so far because of the conditions in these camps.

The tRump Mob decided that the best way to deal with fatalities in these camps is to stop counting the dead, so no one will know how many children die there.