May 19, 2019

Word: Male masturbation is genocide

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Anonymous said...

OK, why is this post here. Like there is a modicum of thought that went into it.
First: A fetus is diploid, and sperm are haploid. No comparison.
Second: Blowjobs? If a baby breastfeeds, is that cannibalism?
Third: Really, Ultrasounds? Could there be no other purpose... like, for a medical reason? Which, might just be one valid reason for abortion!
Fourth: Male vasectomies and condoms prevent homicide, yet Maggie states that Male masturbation is genocide? Can't have it both ways, but how about stating that Blowjobs are genocide?
Fifth: Viagra and Cialis... maybe people should be required to have their parents' permission.
Sixth: Child Support – OK, ( pre-natal care and things are important! ). And people should begin Social Security 7 ½ months earlier.