April 22, 2019

Young worried about moral direction of country

The Hill -Two-thirds of young Democrats in a new poll say they are concerned with the moral direction of the U.S. The survey from Harvard’s Institute of Politics found that 66 percent of young Democrats, classified as 18- to 29-year-olds, shared the concern. By comparison, 42 percent of respondents said they were worried about the country’s moral direction in 2015.

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Anonymous said...

Concern about the “Moral” direction of our country. Meaning what, exactly?

Political: Honesty? Transparency? Responsibility toward Citizens vs. Corporations' Greed? War? Voter issues like gerrymandering or not being allowed to vote? Or possibly a more pointed comment about our President's behavior with women.

Religious: “Morality” Like Thou Shalt Not Kill – regarding War? Or maybe a tangential Pro-Life, only concerning Abortion? Or maybe the morality of Pro-Choice concerning a woman's personal choice? Or maybe about LGBTQ issues? Or what about Separation of Church and State issue?

Economic: If there is such a thing a “economic morality”? It seems those with all the money seem to make the Laws concerning who is given most Profits, Tax-Breaks, Deductions, High/Lower Interest Rates, etc. I suppose Economic Morality could include Labor Relations, Healthcare, etc. or maybe simply the quest for an 'independent' government that doesn't owe is soul to corporations.