April 11, 2019

GOP representative questions John Kerry's "science" degree

Rep. Thomas Massey (R-KY) interviewing John Kerry

Massie: Secretary Kerry, I want to read part of your statement back to you: “Instead of convening a kangaroo court, the president might want to talk with the educated adults he once trusted to fill his top national security positions.” It sounds like you’re questioning the credentials of the president’s advisers currently, but I don’t think we should question your credentials today. Isn’t it true you have a science degree from Yale?

Kerry: A bachelor of arts degree.

Massie: Is it a political science degree?

Kerry: Yes, political science.

Massie: So how do you get a bachelor of arts in a science [degree]?

Kerry: Well, it’s liberal arts education and degree, it’s a bachelor.

Massie: OK, so it’s not really science. So I think it’s somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience in front of our committee today.

Kerry: Are you serious? This is really, seriously happening here?

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