April 21, 2019

Dealing with a criminal president

Sam Smith - There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits arrest and indictment of a president who commits a crime. As noted here before, should the president murder one or more people it would be absurd to not hold him accountable or, worse, to let him him commit a crime and not be vulnerable for it until both his term and the statute of limitations had expired..

Given that neither the Justice Department nor the media is interested in the real law and that the GOP Senate would override n impeachment, probably the best route is an indictment by an attorney general at the state level which would have to be assessed by the courts.

Meanwhile, the House should hold extensive hearings on the criminal activities of Trump and his administration and then pass a resolution of censure, which would have political power but which the Senate would probably just ignore.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, I've got a question for you.

How did Trump survive the NYC real estate biz, rubbing shoulders with mobsters and Russians for all those years while they were being arrested and prosecuted and he never was? Surely all his criminal acts and the spotlight he had on him, something would have stuck, right?

Can you explain it? Neither could I. Until I read a FOIA document showing he cooperated with the FBI in one of their cases. Now it all makes sense. He looks dirty and he is loud - and he probably has been allowed to get away with some things. But its all a show. A reality show.

Trump is protected. He will not be indicted, arrested, impeached, or beaten in 2020 - barring some unforeseen economic meltdown or world crisis.

And that's why the Russia hoax was just that - a way to excuse high-level illegal surveillance by the Obama administration that was going on long before the 2016 election. The Russia Hoax was all an attempt to cover it up. But it didn't work and now the tables have turned. This will not end well for the Democrats - and anyone tied to Hillary and Obama.