March 7, 2019

Word: The anti-left bias of major media

Truthdig - A standard bias in news coverage in elite outlets (Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, etc.) is centrism—using an allegedly objective voice to warn against or critique “extremism” of left and right. Centrist bias sometimes takes the form of inaccurate critiques of broadly popular progressive policies that are quite defensible—such as Medicare for All or raising the minimum wage. Or it manifests itself in inaccurate claims about the impact of right-wing or progressive “extremism” on US elections.

A good example of this status quo bias was provided by the recent Washington Post “news” story (3/1/19) warning of the progressive upsurge in the Democratic Party—”Centrist Democrats Push Back Against Party’s Liberal Surge.” The bias was imparted with the help of “objective” phrases in the reporters’ voice, such as “shoot-the-moon policy ideas” and “hardball tactics of liberal firebrands.” And by quoting in the article a half-dozen sources from the corporate wing of the party, and none from the progressive wing.

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Anonymous said...

That's right-wing framing, and it's very effective. The left could counter it, but doesn't.